Accent Wall

An accent wall can really make a room come to life. It doesn't have to be an in-your-face color, but a little color in a calm space gives it a bit more life.

Leonard E. and Margaret R. Wood Commons Area

Civil Engineering Building, Purdue University Before and after shots of a former entry converted to a popular study spot.

Design vs Budget

Good design doesn't need to oppose your budget. A good designer can make good design and budget a team, rather than conflicting forces in your life.

Don't make a mistake.

Let us help you find the right size and scale furnishings for your space. The time it takes to plan before a project can save you big nightmares later.

Transitional kitchen

Traditional subway tile on the back splash, installed vertically, gives a more fresh, modern feel to it..

If you have an empty room...

If you have an empty room and need help filling the space, please call us for help.

Cool Romanticism

Cool calming grays and tone-on-tone colors with varying textures can give you a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Combined with just enough femininity to create an overall feel of romanticism.

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